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Brickwork Cleaning 


Hiring a contractor for brick cleaning can be daunting.


At Midland Commcercial Cleaners we are very experienced in brick cleaning, so we understand which brick cleaning process is best for different exteriors without causing unnecessary damage to delicate brickwork and mortar joints.


We use several professional brick cleaning techniques to ensure the best results with every service we deliver. These include:

  • Hot and cold-water pressure washing

  • Chemical cleaning

  • Steam cleaning

  • Blast cleaning



Over the years, the majority of buildings in Cities have suffered from heavy soiling. This is a result of the pollution that is within the atmosphere. It can also be caused by years of weathering which hides the natural beauty of the brickwork. In some cases the ornate detail and exterior designs are completely hidden by the dirt that has built up over the years, after cleaning the decorative features will be shown in their full glory.

...go on bring your building back to life - with a thorough brickwork clean.

Skyscraper Horizontal

Please feel free to speak to our Contracts Managers about your requirements.

With every brick house clean and commercial brickwork job, we only use the most environmentally friendly methods.

This is because we not only want to protect your building, but also the environment.

We hope to achieve a positive step towards preventing any further damage to the world we live in.

You can trust us when we say the products and techniques we use will not harm the environment in any way.

Brick Wall
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