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Extraction Cleaning (B&ES-TR19 Accredited)

Air Duct

Whether you are a small single premises organisation or whether you are a large organisation with multiple busy production areas, we are able to provide you with the flexibility of a Reactive, Periodic and Scheduled cleaning system that meets your organisations particular needs. TR19 Accreditation is to comply with insurance requirements.

Hygiene risk – Areas in your extract ducts, hoods, canopies and similar areas that become clogged with a layer of grease will often become ideal breeding grounds for bacteria.

Fire risk – Fat deposits in your ductwork can be extremely flammable, meaning in the event of a fire in your kitchen, it could spread dangerously quickly.

Legal risk – There are specific regulations relating to health and safety at work, and particularly in the category of fire regulations, which must be adhered to by anyone operating a commercial kitchen. 


Midland Commercial Cleaners is able to provide solutions to any areas requiring a hygiene clean. Method statements and risk assessments are standards which we adopt for all our hygiene cleaning. Areas of work covered include:


* Kitchens * Clinical areas * Laboratories * Food production areas / factories * Air vents and extraction


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