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Window and Facade Cleaning 


Commercial high level cleaning service in the Midlands and beyond.

High level cleaning is an essential way of maintaining your commercial building and also minimise the risk of running into costly repairs later down the line or poor day light via skylights etc..

As well as keeping your commercial property looking tidy and clean, it is a crucial way of remaining compliant with stringent health and safety regulations. As specialists in commercial high level cleaning,  we provide a comprehensive range of services that include cleaning industrial and commercial buildings at height, all of which can be tailored to the specific needs of your premises.


From skylight cleaning to roof cleaning, we’ve got it cleaned!

High level cleaning is an important way of maintaining your commercial building. It can elevate the look of the building facade as well as reduce the risk of costly repairs later down the line. Not only does it keep your business premises looking tidy and clean, it is an essential part of remaining compliant with health and safety regulations.


Highly-skilled, background-checked and qualified, our team can offer any of the following high level commercial cleaning services:

Roof cleaning * Skylight cleaning * Steel work * Windows * Guttering * Racking

Skyscraper Horizontal

Please feel free to speak to our Contracts Managers about your requirements.

High Level Cleaning Services

We have cleaned for a range of industries and we work on premises such as factories, warehouses, distribution centres, laboratories and buildings used for producing food and medical supplies. A high level clean covers areas of the building including:


Cladding * Window cleaning * Roof cleaning * Internal of roof linings * Steel structures * Ducting * Light fittings * Conduits * Structural steels and timbers
Cladding * Crane tracks * Roof areas * Skylights * Louvres * Vents

What equipment do we  used?

Our fully-trained team uses equipment that enables them to carry out much of the work from ground level. This is often done with tools such as sky vacs and carbon fibre extensions. There may be occasions when we need to use specialist access equipment. If this is necessary, the work will be carried out by IPAF-certified operatives.

We also operate off scissor lifts and other suitable and compliant life devices.

Cleaning Windows
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